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Taking Control

Here are 10 things you can do to reduce your cancer risk and feel better too...

2009, American Cancer Society, inc. No. 207000 Rev. 9/15
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8 Jaw-Dropping Breakthroughs in Dentistry[1]

Are you missing any teeth? It’s nothing to be ashamed of: Nearly 14 percent of adults 65 or older have lost most of their teeth...
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7 Reasons Why Strength Training Is Key to a Long Life[2]

Everyone knows that cardio exercise is crucial for overall health. But the secret to staying strong and vital for life isn’t just in walking, running, biking, swimming and other forms of aerobic fitness. It’s in your muscles...
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8 Healthy and Delicious Types of Iced Tea to Make This Summer[3]

Three fast reasons to brew your own iced tea, rather than buy bottled: It’s cheaper. You’ll likely add much less sugar. And it’s healthier...
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Looking for more health information? Download these articles that we've shared previously.

7 Worst Habits for Your Brain

By Nicole Pajer
AARP Magazine, August/September 2021
Used for educational purposes

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I Got The Shot. Now What?

By Mary Helen Berg
AARP Bulletin, May 2021
Used for educational purposes

Download "I got the shot Now what.pdf"


AARP Magazine
April/May 2021
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