CA/HI State NAACP Day at the Capitol

The California Hawaii NAACP  (CA/HI NAACP) State Conference In-Person Day at the capitol was an awesome event. NAACP is the most influential Civil Rights organization in the world. The event was held Monday, May 22, 2023.  It was a fun day of advocacy and collaboration between NAACP members, young and old with their state assembly persons and state senators.

The day kicked off with breakfast from one of our sponsors, Mc Donalds. Then a warm welcome from our leader, Rick Callender, President of the CA/HI NAACP State Conference. Mr. Callender stated how pleased he was with the chance to gather in person, share knowledge, and experiences, and get to know each other again. There were many youth and college students in attendance and totally engaged. We had members from all over the state who were passionate about protecting the lives of people in the community as well as making life better for them.

The educational  Sessions were led by Taneicia Herring Government Relations Specialist. She reviewed CA/HI Priority Legislation which was the following:

AB 742 (Jackson) Use of Force-Police Canines

AB 1165 (Mc Carty) Discipline: Hate Crimes Restorative Justice Program

AB 1327-I(Weber)  Interscholastic Athletics: CA Interscholastic Athletics

AB 673 (Bradford) Emergency Notification Ebony Alert

We heard from Jazlyn Rainey who presented,” Stop the Hate”. Carolyn Veal-Hunter Reviewed the Legislation Process, How a bill becomes law, Tips for effective lobbying, and the role of the Team Leaders who will facilitate the capitol visits.

Our Special Guest was the following”
Secretary of State, Shirley Weber
Dr. Cory Jackson, Assemblymember, 60th District

Our Legislative Visits were in the afternoon. Three of the Team Leaders that I knew were from Region One- Irma Cooper, San Gabriel Valley NAACP. Jeanette Ellis- Royston, Pomona Valley NAACP, and Darrell Goode, South West Area Director.  The Team Leader along with their members went to visit our selected Assembly Members & Senators to discuss our top priority bills and answer their questions. The Key was to get a"yes vote on our bills. 

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