San Gabriel Valley NAACP at CA HI State NAACP Conference 2023

Our Delegates, Members, and Youth represent SGV-NAACP at the CA/HI NAACP state conference. Congratulations SGV-NAACP
Sgv naacp food drive

San Gabriel Valley NAACP helping our Community

Our San Gabriel Valley Community thrives when we invest in our time and service to make it happen. San Gabriel Valley NAACP (SGV-NAACP) is helping to transform our community with helping those in need. As the wealth gap continues to be a problem and the economy is lacking jobs for families. SGV-NAACP will donate and continue to donate to the Food banks in our service area.

Included in our celebration of the 59th San Gabriel Valley NAACP Anniversary on September 16, 2023, guests and members participated in a canned food drive. Madeline Ferrell, Lonnie Ferrell & Joyce Randall, members of the SGV NAACP Branch delivered a shopping cart full of canned goods to the Action Food Pantry located at Grace Lutheran Church in Covina. A volunteer worker accepted the donations on behalf of the pantry. Food is available to the community on Thursdays from 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm.
Special thanks go out to Joyce Randall and SGV-NAACP members who volunteer to assist with this project.

SGV-NAACP 59th Anniversary Celebration

San Gabriel Valley NAACP(SGV-NAACP)  celebrated its 59th Anniversary during the month of September. SGV-NAACP was founded in 1964. The San Gabriel Valley National Advancement Colored People (SGV-NAACP) received its branch authorization on June 21, 1964. Our branch came into existence due to a crisis facing African Americans in our community.

Housing discrimination, employment discrimination, and unfair educational opportunities were just a few of the many issues facing those pioneers who gathered on the lawn of one of our charter members to form the SGV-NAACP. Many still find it hard to believe that fifty-nine years ago, real estate agents took virtually all prospective African American home buyers to the area bounded by California Avenue, Fairgrove Avenue, Sunset, and Francisquito Avenues to show the property. Rarely did they take them to an area in other cities or communities. Rental housing for African Americans was just not available. Thanks to those who stood up and fought that kind of mistreatment, we are residents in all of the East San Gabriel Valley communities.

Guest were the West Covina Mayor, Rosario Diaz, and members of the council, Mayor Pro Tem Brian Tabatabai, Councilman Tony Wu, and Councilman Ollie Cantos. Mayor Diaz brought a greeting from the City of West Covina and thanked SGV-NAACP for the work they do to support civil rights, equity, and inclusion of all citizens in the city of West Covina.  Mayor Diaz and  Supervisor Hilda Solis's representative presented SGV-NAACP with a certificate of Recognition on their 59th Anniversary celebration.

The ceremony consisted of a Welcome by Joyce Randall, Chair of the Anniversary Committee.
honoring all the previous Presidents and Life members. The history of the SGV-NAACP was told by current President Irma Cooper.  Madeline Ferrel and her team gave an overview of the major community services and activities that SGV-NAACP accomplished over the 59 years.

After five decades of supporting Civil Rights, SGV-NAACP has made significant progress but it also reminds us that there is still work to be done. Each one of us must engage in the fight to eliminate discrimination and injustice in our communities.


SGV & Pomona Branch NAACP Day at Los Angeles County Fair

Hilda Solis cares for all of her constituents in word and action. SGV-NAACP thank her for supporting our events.  SGV-NAACP and the Pomona NAACP were vendors at the Los Angeles County Fair. We shared information about NAACP the oldest civil rights organization in the United States. We wanted to let the community know that NAACP continues to advocate for Race & Justice, Inclusive economy,, Advocacy & Litigation, Education Innovation, Health & Well-being, Environmental & Climate Justice, and Training the next generation for Leadership roles.

In addition to sharing information about NAACP and recruiting new members, we focus on sharing Health information about COVID-19 boosters. The Public Health Department & City Medical Group provided information about COVID-19 Boosters and provided vaccinations to those who wanted them. The doctors, medical assistants, and nurses were awesome!

Thanks to our Membership Chair, Richard Nichols, and the Membership Committee  Members for organizing  & implementing this event.

CA/HI State NAACP Day at the Capitol

The California Hawaii NAACP  (CA/HI NAACP) State Conference In-Person Day at the capitol was an awesome event. NAACP is the most influential Civil Rights organization in the world. The event was held Monday, May 22, 2023.  It was a fun day of advocacy and collaboration between NAACP members, young and old with their state assembly persons and state senators.

The day kicked off with breakfast from one of our sponsors, Mc Donalds. Then a warm welcome from our leader, Rick Callender, President of the CA/HI NAACP State Conference. Mr. Callender stated how pleased he was with the chance to gather in person, share knowledge, and experiences, and get to know each other again. There were many youth and college students in attendance and totally engaged. We had members from all over the state who were passionate about protecting the lives of people in the community as well as making life better for them.

The educational  Sessions were led by Taneicia Herring Government Relations Specialist. She reviewed CA/HI Priority Legislation which was the following:

AB 742 (Jackson) Use of Force-Police Canines

AB 1165 (Mc Carty) Discipline: Hate Crimes Restorative Justice Program

AB 1327-I(Weber)  Interscholastic Athletics: CA Interscholastic Athletics

AB 673 (Bradford) Emergency Notification Ebony Alert

We heard from Jazlyn Rainey who presented,” Stop the Hate”. Carolyn Veal-Hunter Reviewed the Legislation Process, How a bill becomes law, Tips for effective lobbying, and the role of the Team Leaders who will facilitate the capitol visits.

Our Special Guest was the following”
Secretary of State, Shirley Weber
Dr. Cory Jackson, Assemblymember, 60th District

Our Legislative Visits were in the afternoon. Three of the Team Leaders that I knew were from Region One- Irma Cooper, San Gabriel Valley NAACP. Jeanette Ellis- Royston, Pomona Valley NAACP, and Darrell Goode, South West Area Director.  The Team Leader along with their members went to visit our selected Assembly Members & Senators to discuss our top priority bills and answer their questions. The Key was to get a"yes vote on our bills. 

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